Healthcare workers struggling with mental wellbeing during pandemic (ABC)

A new peer support program is aiming to help healthcare workers better deal with their own mental health issues during the coronavirus pandemic.

Regional amateur theatre eyes return in a post-Black Lives Matter world (ABC)

Amateur theatre groups shut during the pandemic are considering how they approach diversity when they return.

Darebin council to ‘gouge their way back to profit’ with rate rise

Ratepayers Victoria have called Darebin City Council’s decision to raise rates and services charges while they welcome a $3.7 million surplus “self-focused protectionism”.

Gippsland TV stations take different tack for local broadcasts

When bushfires hit Mallacoota this past summer two regional news services, WIN News Gippsland and Nine News Gippsland, covered them very differently. Their seperate approaches highlight the dual challenges facing regional broadcast media with resources dwindling and media ownership laws having been relaxed.

Millar defends place of think tanks on ABC

ABC Breakfast co-host Lisa Millar says all think tanks need to be questioned, and for that reason still welcomes the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) on the ABC News Breakfast couch “every six weeks” or so.

An educational tale of youth, energy and freedom to learn (The Age)

Schools are about herding students in the one direction, but for born innovators and entrepreneurs it is a culture clash that often stymies their creativity and saps their energy.

What SevenStyles went through to become our first Australian Author to earn $1 million

The size of a bodybuilder, Brad Goble, 30, – better known as SevenStyles – doesn’t look like someone who has made a career from behind the screen of a computer. Yet, he’s the first Australian Envato Author to make a million dollars on the platform.

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